Thomas Doty – Storyteller

Green Springs Summit Campsite


A traveler ascending the steep grade up from the eastern edge of the Rogue Valley would have been pleased to arrive here. Sweet water springs and conifers for shade provided for a pleasant rest. Symbols carved on two rocks tell the story of this place.

Top Photo. A deeply grooved petroglyph atop a rock has these symbols: a circle denoting "Holding" or "Staying" with a dot in its middle ("Here") and double lines conveying "Good." They combine to state: "We are camped here in this good place."

Bottom Photo. Like many rock writing symbols, the meaning of the scooped-out depression on this rock has its origins in Indian Sign Language. Cupping your hand and bringing it to your mouth is the gesture for drinking or water. This cupped hand symbol is on the top of the rock, indicating that the springs are here at the top of the ridge.