Thomas Doty – Storyteller

Medicine Rock Project


About the Project

During the summer and fall of 2008, Thomas Doty and Roy Phillips of the Reading the Rocks Project worked with the Talent Historical Society and Desiesque Designs to create the Medicine Rock Exhibit.

The exhibit includes a rock patterned after a portion of the Medicine Rock site as well as photos, descriptions and interpretations. The rock is located at the entrance to the society's museum in Talent, Oregon. The Meyer Memorial Trust funded the project.

The exhibit was dedicated on October 18, 2008. The evening included a talk and blessing from Takelma elder Agnes Baker-Pilgrim, presentations by Thomas Doty and Roy Phillips, and traditional drumming and singing by Whistling Elk.

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A Doty & Coyote Story

The project included a commissioned story. Here's an excerpt....

I walk past the symbols, squeeze through the hole and scramble up the ledge to the top of the rock. Here the world opens up. Despite the brilliance of the moon, stars are everywhere, wheeling and circling through the deep sky. I see ridge after ridge in the distance, and the valley below where the river winds toward the coast. I sit on a natural stone seat that faces east. Within reach is a pile of stones. I pull mine out of my pocket and add it to the pile. I glance back at the stars. This is the last thing I remember before I doze off and slip into the most dramatic dreams I have ever had ... five nights of dreams as vivid as stories.....

– From Five Nights at Medicine Rock