Thomas Doty – Storyteller


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At Camas Woman's Home

This is a story in progress. Complete text will be posted here when the story has been completed.

Synopsis: Coyote wags his magic wand of a tail, calling several medicine women to Vesper Meadow in the Cascade Mountains. Digging Stick Woman, Gwisgwashan, Acorn Woman and Rock Old Woman meet Camas Woman in her home. Doty and Coyote and the meadow's modern caretaker lurk in the shadows and listen to the women share their stories of this sacred camas gathering place ... from an Old Time myth to historic tidbits about settlers and ranchers and cows, and finally a modern tale that brings back the camas and the native people.

This story was commissioned by the Vesper Meadow Restoration and Education Program (Ashland, OR).