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The Best Sources Available

I have collected in this archives a selection of works on the native people of my homeland of southern Oregon and northern California, and a bit beyond. I have gone back to these again and again as source material for stories I have written and performed, and I share them here in the hope that they are used by teachers and students, storytellers and historians, anyone interested in accessing accurate information on native cultures. I include a selection of my own writing in this Library with a similar hope that they get read and told and retold.

In addition to these sources, I have spent hours and hours listening to elders, and spending time in the places the stories come from. I have a trunk full of notebooks filled with field notes and stories as well as a large physical library with more books, documents, letters, newspapers, maps.... I have spent decades unearthing the best native resources available.

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Accuracy Through the Ages

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Free PDFs

The works below are print-friendly PDFs. Read them online, or download them. Some of the files are large, so please be patient while they load.

Additional Reading

Here are more works I believe accurately represent native people. Since most are not yet in the public domain, they are not available as free PDFs. However, many can be purchased in bookstores, online, or found in libraries.