Thomas Doty – Storyteller

Native Map of Coyote's Paw


Using traditional rock writing symbols, here is a map of a walk through the village....

"Starting on the upriver edge of the village, in the east where the sun rises, we walk the Old Time Trail past the girdled Ghost Dance Tree, past the Dance Ring and the Graveyard and through a gap in a Rock Wall.

"Here the trail splits. The right fork leads down the slope along the creek to the banks of the Klamath River. We walk ahead and cross the creek, passing the Community House where stories are told in the winter and Grandmother Pine where stories are told on warm-weather days.

"We walk through a gap in another Rock Wall and into an open place where many Winter Houses stand. From here, looking south, we see Rock Cairns scattered through the woods. We see the Rain Rock, and beyond that the Sweat Lodge. To the west are more Ghost Dance Trees, lined up and pointing west toward the Land of the Dead. We watch a man walk away from the Sweat Lodge. He starts along the trail that zigzags up the slope toward the Vision Quest Peak.

"We walk on down the Old Time Trail, out of the village, downriver toward the setting of the crescent moon."

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